Energy saving and espresso machines: the solutions from Biepi

When running a café, it is essential to be aware of the energy consumption of the machines you use, both to include it correctly in the costs of the business and to take it into account when you want to measure (and perhaps improve) the environmental impact of the business.


Saving energy is in fact not only an economic necessity, but also a responsibility that we must begin to assume in our daily choices in every sphere. At Biepi we try to do our part by innovating our proposals and incorporating increasingly high-performance technological functions. Here are three solutions we offer in our latest machines.

Insulated boiler

All of our soluble machines, as well as espresso machines Uptown and Barista Pro, come with an insulated boiler. Energy performance improves due to the special thermal coating that insulates the boiler and allows it to maintain a constant water temperature without waste.

Automatic on/off timer switch

This function allows the machine’s on and off times to be set in advance and is available on X, Y, Z. This way you can program the machine’s temperature before the bartender arrives, while reducing the risk of forgetting the machine running at high temperatures all night.

ECO function

Available on Uptown, Barista Pro and MC-E Pro (with a screen), the ECO function allows the machine to be put on standby by lowering the boiler’s set point temperature. This energy-saving setting can be activated manually, or it can be programmed, and it allows the water to be kept at a lower temperature than necessary for operation without shutting it down completely. The advantages over shutting it down completely, in addition to less energy to bring it back up to temperature, are the speed with which the machine starts up again, less thermal stress on the metal components, and reduced scale formation.