Winter coffee cocktails

Winter coffee cocktails

When people think of a coffee cocktail, they often imagine an iced drink. With winter just around the corner, however, we are drawn to warm drinks with spicy and enveloping flavors. For this reason, we bring you three winter coffee cocktail recipes to sip warm!

Irish coffee

The story goes that Irish coffee was invented by the head bartender at Shannon Airport in Ireland. On the occasion of a flight cancelled due to bad weather, the airport was crowded with tired and cold people. For them the barman prepared a hot drink made of coffee, whiskey, sugar and cream. Among them there was a famous American journalist, who wrote about it in his newspaper and made it famous first in America and then all over the world.


  • 9 cl coffee
  • 4 cl Irish whiskey
  • 1tsp sugar
  • 3 cl fresh cream

Pour the whiskey, boiling coffee, and sugar into a glass and stir, letting the sugar dissolve well. Put the fresh cream in a shaker and shake to whip it slightly. Pour it gently into the glass by first dropping it on the back of a teaspoon, so the cream will form a separate layer and will not slip to the bottom of the glass. Irish coffee should never be stirred, but drunk in small sips through the layer of cream!

Espresso Martini

This cocktail – born as Vodka Espresso – was invented in London by Mr. Bradsell, who added coffee to a customer’s drink who said he needed “pick-me-up” The name changed in the 1990s, when any vodka-based drink was served in the classic V-shaped glass and called a Martini.



  • 5 cl Vodka
  • 3 cl Kahlúa
  • one espresso ristretto

Make a ristretto coffee and, without waiting for it to cool, pour it into the shaker where you have already poured the Kahlúa and vodka. Add a little ice and shake: the ice dilutes the coffee and helps form the typical foam. Strain into the classic martini glass and add 3 coffee beans as garnish.

Italian Coffee Cocktail

The irreplaceable ingredient for making this recipe is Strega liqueur: an Italian digestive made from a proprietary blend of 70 herbs and spices, with the distinct flavors of juniper, mint and saffron. If you can, choose to make the coffee with freshly ground beans – the fresh flavors enhance the combination.



  • 3 cl Strega liqueur
  • 15-20 cl freshly-made coffee
  • whipped cream
  • nutmeg

Pour the Strega liqueur into a tall glass, like those for an Irish coffee. Add the hot coffee. Top with whipped cream and garnish with a grating of nutmeg (or cinnamon powder if you prefer). To keep the cocktail warm for a long time, you can preheat the glass with hot water before pouring in the ingredients.