How to make coffee in your B&B or boutique hotel

How to make coffee in your B&B or boutique hotel

Coffee is the universal symbol for hospitality, and those who run a bed and breakfast or hotel know this well: breakfast is of the utmost importance and leaves a lasting impression on guests.

For smaller properties, breakfast time is also an opportunity to get to know your guests better. Between a chat about the weather and sightseeing advice, the smell of coffee envelops the room and helps make people feel welcomed and pampered.

What is the best way to make coffee for a B&B?

There is no perfect coffee maker for everyone, as every bed and breakfast has its own style, but also a different space and staff. Are you the only one in charge of breakfast and check-outs at the same time, or is there someone that can help with service? How many guests can you accommodate and what habits do they usually have? Let’s see what the options are and figure out which solution best suits your needs.

Preparing coffee with a Moka pot

The first thing many Italians do in the morning is putting the Moka pot on the stove. You may choose it to make coffee at your property if you wish to convey that homey feeling of familiar hospitality. The Moka is prepared with ground coffee; to have a fresher aroma each morning, you can buy coffee beans and use a coffee grinder.

Espresso machine

How can you make a good espresso if you don’t have the space and enough guests to buy a big professional machine? Opt for a semi-automatic espresso machine: compact but with all the important details for barista-style coffee and the steam wand for a perfect cappuccino.

American-style coffee maker

Coffee is not just espresso: filtered coffee is more popular and actually preferred in many countries. Offering this alternative is easy since, depending on the size, the American coffee maker can brew many cups with one load and keep it hot for a long time. If you host a breakfast buffet, guests can serve themselves too.

Commercial hot drinks machines

Do you want to give your guests the opportunity to make their own coffee during the day as well, perhaps on before or after a tour? Many will appreciate a commercial hot drinks machine in a lounge area with small tables and a few magazines. With this type of machine, you can offer not only coffee, but also barley and ginseng. For those who prefer infusions, you can add a kettle and a selection of herbal teas.


Only you know your guests’ wishes: put yourself in their shoes and fulfill them even before they have time to say “coffee.”