Caffè leccese

As you can guess from the name, this type of coffee comes from the town of Lecce, in the Southern Italian region of Puglia. It became popular in the area around the 1950s thanks to a family of coffee roasters named Quarta, who were the owners of the only café in town who sold crushed iced. The ice would cool down the coffee and almond milk was added to sweeten the beverage. People liked it so much that soon other establishments started serving it. It’s still popular, as it’s the perfect beverage to get a caffeine kick on a hot Summer day.



  • coffee
  • ice
  • almond milk

How to make it

You can prepare this type of coffee with a moka pot or you can steam the coffee for a couple of istants if you have an espresso machine (a technique that takes the name of “soffiato” which means “puffed”). When the coffee is ready let it rest, in the meantime add 3 ice cubes to a glass and 40 milliliters of cold almond milk (about an inch an a half). Almond milk is already so sweet people don’t usually need to add any sugar. Now pour the coffee in the glass and serve.