Bicerin, Piedmont’s iconic coffee

The Italian region of Piedmont is famous for its chocolate so it shouldn’t surprise you that it made its way into coffee around these parts. ‘Bicerin’ is a type of coffee beverage created in 1763 at the renowned Caffè Al Bicerin in Turin (Northern Italy), which still holds onto the original recipe and keeps any details secret.
We know the ingredients to prepare it, but the proportions are secret and every coffee shop that tries to replicate it creates a slightly different version. Chocolate, coffee and milk cream are served in a tall glass that highlights all the nuances of the three ingredients. The Bicerin was recognized as a traditional Piedmontese beverage in 2001 and added to the list of PAT, Italy’s traditional food.



  • coffee
  • milk
  • dark chocolate
  • whipped cream
  • sugar

How to make it

Although no one knows the original recipe exactly, you can try to get closer to the taste of Bicerin as follows. Melt the chocolate with a little milk in a saucepan and add the sugar. Mix carefully until you get a thick cream and pour it on the bottom of the glass. Prepare the coffee, add it to the chocolate cream and stir. Finally, add a layer of whipped cream and your Piedmontese coffee is ready.