Peppermint coffee from Padova

Peppermint coffee from Padova

The original recipe of Padova’s peppermint coffee is linked to Francesco Pedrocchi who, in the 19th century, commissioned the architect Jappelli to build here a shop with coffee roasting facilities and an area where to drink it. Known also as “the café without doors” – because until the First World War it was always open – the historic Caffè Pedrocchi became the meeting place of the intellectuals of the time. To this day, you can still order the famous “Pedrocchino”: an espresso served in a large cup with a cream emulsion, peppermint and a dusting of cocoa.



– fresh cream
– sugar
– cocoa
– milk
– espresso coffee
– peppermint syrup


How to make it

To prepare the flavored cream, combine 70 ml of fresh cream with 20 ml of whole milk and 20 ml of mint syrup, then whisk together. Strain the espresso into a cappuccino cup. Pour the flavored cream over the espresso until it is completely covered. Sprinkle with dark chocolate cocoa powder. Serve without a spoon: the coffee is already sweetened and should not be stirred, it should be enjoyed as it is.