Calabrian coffee with licorice

Calabrian coffee with licorice

80% of the Italian production of licorice comes from the Southern region of Calabria. On the Ionian coast, this plant also grows spontaneously, thanks to a favorable combination of climatic conditions and the biological composition of the soil. It was inevitable that the recipe for licorice coffee would originate in this region. Those who suffer from low blood pressure already know the properties of licorice, which helps to raise and regulate it. By combining this characteristic to the energy boost given by caffeine, it is possible to obtain an invigorating beverage, perfect for those who need to overcome heat exhaustion.



  • espresso coffee
  • licorice root
  • sugar
  • cognac


How to make it

Crush the licorice root in a mortar, then discard the fibrous parts. It is important to crush it until it is almost a powder. Heat the purée obtained in a saucepan with cognac and add sugar. When the mixture is hot and the sugar is well dissolved, add hot coffee and serve in a cup or in a small glass. Those who prepare coffee at home with the moka pot can add licorice powder directly to the ground coffee in the coffee pot.