Brewing success: when coffee culture meets the workplace

Paul Erdos, a Hungarian mathematician, said “a mathematician is a device that turns coffee into theorems.” The phrase has been paraphrased many times, particularly with “programmer / code,” “writer / texts,” or “artist / works,” but it works with any kind of work and in any kind of space.


New coffee venues: co-working spaces

In Italy, the country where Biepi’s machines are conceived, designed and produced, good espresso coffee is mostly drunk at the bar. Often standing, at the counter, as a quick break from the daily grind. That may come to an end though, because coffee venues have multiplied here as well, and more and more often we sit and drink an espresso, or we pick it up and take it away, like people in other countries do. Maybe we take it to our desk at work, which can be at home, if we work remotely, in the office or to a co-working space. It is precisely in these spaces, where you can have your own desk or change it from time to time, that coffee becomes an integral part of the mix for working well. At Biepi everyone has their own desk, but we hold our meetings in our showroom, which is somewhat reminiscent of the atmosphere and spirit of a co-working space. In fact, not surprisingly, consultants and suppliers sometimes stop by to work with us. Here is a story from one of them, who wrote to thank us for having an ideal day, thanks in part to the coffee from our machines: of course, our showroom has a coffee bar!


A consultant’s personal account

I am sitting at my desk in Biepi, they call it a showroom, but for me, it is a co-working space. I am surrounded by other hardworking people. The morning sun filters through the windows, creating a warm and inviting light in the environment. The atmosphere is charged with creativity and productivity.

I have just taken a sip of coffee prepared with one of the new machines, not yet on the market. Its fragrance envelops the air around me, stimulating my senses and giving my morning energy a boost. The sip of coffee refreshes me and prepares me to face the challenges of the day.

As I hold the cup of coffee in my hands, I observe the people around me. Each desk is occupied by professionals working on different projects. Some are writing code at their computers, others are immersed in responding to clients or writing.

There is a sense of community and sharing of ideas. I can hear the buzz of conversations intertwining as people exchange opinions, suggestions, and insights to improve their projects. The diversity of backgrounds and skills creates a stimulating and enriching environment.

As I take another sip of coffee, I immerse myself in my work. My desk is neat, with my laptop open in front of me and a notepad full of notes. I focus on my tasks, trying to pare down the to-do list.

Despite everyone’s busy schedule, there is also room for a relaxing break. Some colleagues meet in the relaxation area, chatting and laughing while enjoying a break from work. Others prefer to take a break at their desks, like me, sipping their coffee as they reflect on the work to be done.

The sound of keys being tapped on keyboards and the soft background noise of phone calls create a symphony. The energy of co-working pushes me to do my best and makes me feel part of something bigger than myself.

As I finish my cup of coffee, I feel a pleasant feeling of satisfaction and gratitude for the opportunity to work in such an inspiring and collaborative environment. I feel inspired and motivated to continue contributing, knowing that I am surrounded by people who share my passion for the work. And for coffee.